Thursday, September 20, 2007

Open house at

Kathleen's class made self portraits with clues to help identify them. (I hope she wasn't talking about MY cooking! HA !
You can see here that hers was a real stand out. Her teacher called her a "Power House". I asked what that meant, and she just explained that Kathleen was great at everything. Sports, academics, art, everything. "Wow!" she said.
Kathleen was nominated for a "Rumney CARES Award". This was presented at an all school assembly, and consisted of a wristband (you know, those plastic/rubber ones...)and a photo on their web page. ( She was chosen because of her great sportsmanship. When someone falls or gets hurt playing soccer, she stops, helps them, makes sure they're okay, THEN proceeds to score. ::grin::
Kids in the yard while working on a project. More on this later.
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