Thursday, October 25, 2007

I know, I know

But I just can't help it! If you look, you see a cloud layer, the ridge behind it, then another denser cloud layer beyond that, and another ridge. Sorry about the birdhouse at the top, I wasn't dressed to go out to take a photo. Oh, and wow, did the leaves disappear fast. There are still some yellows hanging on, but the reds are gone, and the hills with mostly hardwoods are looking barer. I guess I'm just a newcomer because I just can't get over how great the views are here!
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Dave Wagner said...

Can't say I have ever even visited a blog before, but this is cool! Makes me smile to see the kids and the beautiful surroundings in which you guys have landed. Know that we miss you, but also hope that VT is treating you well.

After looking at the pictures I wondered if you had any openings at A2H/VT.

God's Blessing!