Thursday, May 20, 2010

gulf oil industrial disaster

I'm not an expert but this is NOT a NATURAL disaster! This is an industrial disaster with natural consequences. (And, as a parent, I'm all in favor of natural consequences! {sic}) I don't think initially that anyone but BP and other responsible parties should be ponying up for the effects! I don't care if BP is completely dismantled to pay for the damages. The protocols for safety weren't followed, maintenance wasn't performed, warnings (gasket bits rising to the surface) weren't heeded, and corporate greed won the day! Well, shareholders beware, when money is all anyone cares about, risk is the order of business. High risk equals potentially high losses. Following high gains are high losses. Oil companies posted record profits as we paid $4.00 a gallon for gas. Now we're being asked to DONATE for relief!!? Look, we ALL know, eventually, we will all bear this burden, (As usual) but for once, can the responsible parties pay the FIRST part??? Suspend their assets, accounts, etc. Every nickel should be diverted. Does ANYONE think by bailing out British Petroleum that any oil company will learn to be safe/cautious? Did bankers? Come on, WE'RE TIRED! How much overtime can a fella' work to pay for their avarice, again????

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