Saturday, August 4, 2007

You can do a lot from a public computer at Comfort Inns!...

view from front door
back of house
back of house from further back in yard.
more back of house
view from kitchen slider door
view from deck (out kitchen slider)
view from same deck, straight back
mountain view, back yard
same backyard view, different angle, lighting

Niagara Falls, American side
more Niagara
Moon visible in Morning sky from Lake-Express Ferry across Lake Michigan

From Deck of Lake-Express Ferry
Sunrise on Lake Michigan, 01 August 07, from Ferry
More sunrise, same day, an edited view would reveal the boys
you can see Conor and Robby better here
Huge shelf fungus seen while driving around Vermont's Washington County
Mist rainbow from precipice, Niagara, NY
Claire handling business phone calls while watching sibs play soccer

All of this goes to show, you can do a lot from a public hotel lobby terminal, including download photos, create a blog and publish unaccessible photos on the web, with a little creativity and know how.

I don't have a landline yet, but my Illinois cell still works, so feel free to call, especially after 9pm your time. (Until, say, 10pm), I think that will constitute night and weekend minutes!


sanchez1728 said...

Hey Rene,
Great to hear from you. Looks like life in Vermont is agreeing with all of you. I thought of you and your family when I was doing my Christmas cards and realized I didn't know how to reach you. I was glad to receive your card (and of course we don't hold it against you, glad you thought of us). The photo's you have posted are amazing! I'll be sure to keep in touch. I think this is the first blog I've experienced; it's pretty neat. I'm thinking I'll have to look into doing one, it's a great way to keep people informed. You'll have to make sure Doug and the kids get behind the camera every now and then so we can see you too! Happy New Year! Sherry Sanchez

raven said...

Hey Renee,

Awesome blog. You are such a clever mama.

M loved having Conner over. Lets do it again soon.

Condolences on the chicken massacre.

Your friend, raven

p.s love the itouch

Anonymous said...
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