Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well, folks. I ordered my Christmas cards on 13 December. As of the 26th, I still had not received them. Sam's Club agreed to issue a refund. This didn't really help me though, because now they are no longer Christmas Cards, now they are New Year cards.

I'm hoping you'll all just be so happy to hear from us, that you won't hold it against us.

It's always fun to go over the card list. I always feel like there are people that I am missing, if you have managed to be overlooked by my electronic process, PLEASE let me know your address. I don't want to lose contact!

So, I received them on the evening of the 27th. Here it is the 28th and the kids and I are putting them together assembly line style. It's fun, but a little chaotic. Don't mind if the stickers are crooked or upside down, it's part of the fun. (?)

Please stay in touch and USE the return address, put it in your next year's Christmas Card list, or send a note or email!

Good Tidings for a Happy New Year. We miss you all!

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