Wednesday, January 23, 2008

click here for a great shopping portal that rebates money!

This is a link for  It's a spyware free site that rebates you money for any online shopping.  It  really works, just from Christmas alone at various common retailers I have $80 in rebates waiting.  Some retailers are as much as 20% off!  Floral orders, etc. can be even more!  If you sign up from my link I even get a little cut. ($0.20 here $0.15 there, but it adds up)  I've been using it for around one year, so I know it's safe. The only trick is to remember to start your shopping there.  You click through to your store of choice by going to BigCrumbs first, the rest is automatically done for you.  It has neat links if you're an ebay junkie, just click the ebay big crumbs link, and you get part of your ebay seller's listing fee rebated to you.  Try it out!

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