Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We've had a tragedy at our house. We suspect a weasel, but will keep you updated.

Our chickens, now up to a total of eight, were all violently killed last night. The kids took out food and water and checked on them before they went to bed, closed and latched up the house, and came inside. This am, from the bathroom window we could see some chickens strewn around the chicken run. (They don't usually come out first thing in the AM, so it was weird to see any out at all, let alone just lying there....) When I went out to investigate it was clearly 'fowl play'. There were mixed tracks, but many were weasel sized and feathers and blood around. The chickens had all been bitten in the head, and left dead. (all but one, which was absent.) For reference purposes, (People looking around the internet to see what may have happened to their own chickens,)I will be posting photos of this massacre under separate cover. Sorry for the gruesome news, I just won't feel like describing it over and over on the phone. The kids don't even know yet, They'll be devastated when they get home from school. What a bummer.

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