Friday, April 11, 2008

2nd MUD SEASON post, read the 1st one below, 1st.

 These are more angles of the bumps mentioned below. Read there first. (It's just the order I have this set up, the later entries show up on top.)
  (Don't be misled by these photos. This isn't just ONE bump. This is just a big one near my house. I go over about six of these each pass between school and home. 2 or so into town. They're really everywhere. This isn't the worst one. The worst one I've seen yet is about the 4-500 block of East Hill road. When you hit it, you come down into a mud/slosh pit, slide around some, your rear tires get a little traction on the top of the mound and hopefully, if your wheelbase is LONG enough, (whew) you'll clear it. Otherwise, I hope you've got cell reception!
  My girlfriend jogs in the AM. She hit one of these quicksand like erosion spots. Sunk in up to her knees. It pulled her sneakers off. She had to fish around up to her elbows to find them, and then wear them home like that. She didn't even cry when she told me the story. She said she'd been here 14 years, she was used to it. sigh. (my sigh.)
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