Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April in Middlesex

As seen from South Bear Swamp rd (facing northward)
Spring is shaping up to be beautiful. We've had well over a week of 70 degree weather, and there's still snow on the ground. If you zoom in on these pictures, (just click on it--when you're done looking, don't forget to hit the browser back button to return here) you'll see that it's still a foot or more deep in places. In our yard there are a couple of patches of 4-6 inches. Arie runs outside and rolls in them. She wishes she could keep them all year.

Same general spot, facing southward
More of the southward side of the rd
Well, they're not chickens, but they're much cuter.
Speaking of chickens: we caught a weasel. (A mink to be specific.) We had two traps set (Hav-a-hart) with the chickens they killed as bait. One of the traps was empty, but the chicken was taken out. (the trap didn't trip) The other trap was pretty well frozen into the coop, and we couldn't check it. When the thaw finally came, we (Kathleen, really) opened the coop and found the weasel, sans chicken, dead in the trap. I might post the photo of the mink on the other side of this blog. Go to 'my profile', then to other blogs, chicken massacre, I'll put it over there.)
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