Friday, April 11, 2008

What MUD SEASON means in Vermont

This is our parking pad. Robby is stuck in mud up to his ankle. (You can see that it pulled his boots OFF) This is what you step into when you get out of the car. (and carry in Claire, and groceries, backpacks, mail, etc.) This is also what you can expect to clean up, after seven people have tracked it into the house. This is what my landlord figures I can expect to share in the sufferings of all Vermonters alike because it's 'MUD SEASON'.) Funny though, It seems like something a load of gravel could help with....Hmnnn....

This is what's Vermont's predominantly unpaved roads can look like in 'MUD SEASON'. Going over this bump threw the stroller up into the air (In the trunk of the Chevy Suburban) and then it came CRASHING down along with the rest of the vehicle. I have never so frequently used the 4X4 feature. Thank GOD I don't have manually unlocking hubs.

More of the same bump. I'm gonna' just show you several angles, because, the photos JUST DON'T DO IT JUSTICE.

Don't even try bringing your sedan or coupe up these miles of dirt roads.
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There are these cute little stories Vermonters tell to appease themselves about their state of being. This one's cute and goes something like this:

Two old Vermont gentlemen are sitting on their porch. They see something passing by on the road in front of the house. They think maybe it's a raccoon? One old feller' goes out and pokes it with his cane. Turns out, it's a hat, and when he pokes it, it reveals the head of his friend Jim. "Jim! You're in pretty deep. Are ya' okay???"
"Yup," he says, in that slow, Vermont, monosyllabic response style so common to men his age, "But my Horse is nearly drowned."

So, "Yup. I'm in pretty deep."

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